Users who donate at least to “Tier Two” level granted to access early SaveGamePro “Next” (previously “Beta”) builds

If you’d like to help develop the app and keep it up to date, please consider donating to this purposes. Thank you for your support.

Tier One
  • Access to advanced SaveGamePro features (1 Year).
Tier Two
  • Access to advanced SaveGamePro features (lifetime).
  • Access to early test builds of SaveGamePro (1 Year).
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If you sent a donation, please contact me by e-mail, which is you may find in the readme.txt file in the SaveGamePro application installation directory or/and specified in the “Contacts” section of the SaveGamePro application, in the menu item or toolbar “About the application” (icon with symbol “i”).
I will contact you within 24 hours or less.

SaveGamePro Setup (Next)
SaveGamePro Setup (Next)

Release Notes

System requirements

Filename : SaveGamePro_Setup.exe

File Size : 6 624 266
MD5 : 2c274f9110b944f52d55cddb2c629cc5
SHA1 : 30963274b9d51a4146fbdb88b1792c0a8bac9286
CRC32 : bedc533b
SHA-256 : 48e3f5a7cea44c8a5734a343c298ff6c935409cfe48a3a89e1edb5d4179fba8b

Version: 1.2.5
Published: 13.04.2023
  • SaveGamePro 1.2.5 (Next) Released


    • Added option to expand the save list tree to the appearance options dialog.


    • Added game name in addition to game ID in “backup” / “add to ignore” confirmation dialogs.
    • Added restore confirmation dialog to the backup information dialog.
    • Added related news button to update information panel.
    • Searching in the save list does not clear the checkboxes, this will allow you to search and check different games from now on.
    • Added an informational message for calculating the checksum of save files when clicking the “Watch” button.
    • Other minor internal enhancements.


    • The “Restore All” checkbox is now disabled if the backup list contains only one item in the backup information dialog.
    • Some check/uncheck behaviour in the save list if the “watch” radio button is selected.
    • Other minor internal fixes.


    • Updated translations.
  • SaveGamePro 1.2.4 (Beta) Released


    • Added expand/collapse file tree button into backups info dialog.
  • SaveGamePro 1.2.3 (Beta) Released


    • Splash screen upon application startup was added.
    • Related news link into update available popup window was added.
    • Option to minimize main window by “ESCAPE” key press.


    • Popup windows better mouse over and leave handling, no focus lost anymore if popup’s context menu called.
    • Other minor internal enhancements.


    • Checking for skipped database update version.
    • Update dialog’s history tab content was editable.
    • Other minor internal fixes.


    • Updated translations.


    • Bundled with database version 1.1.1