SaveGamePro Setup (Legacy)
SaveGamePro Setup (Legacy)

Important: this version will not receive any updates (including databases) due  switch to the “Legacy” status.

Release Notes

System requirements

Filename : SaveGamePro_Setup.exe

File Size : 6 389 208
MD5 : c026fdfa82d6a188b5f8d7177faec54b
SHA1 : 8020dbed6a2e886bd060d5d54ade5cb8f04fab97
CRC32 : 0e1a304c
SHA-256 : e0bbabe05f9ea638a98d670c6180538e094678fcfe90e9d652f14c3a89e9fb5c
Size: 6.09 MB
Version: 1.1.0
Published: 14.03.2023
  • SaveGamePro 1.1.0 Released


    • Option to generate random “Accent” color for current app mode (Dark/Normal).
    • Option to apply random “Accent” color on every app restart (does not overwrite saved color profiles and can be enabled or disabled at any time).
    • [Extended] Support of the custom sounds for error and success notifications. Sound files must be in WAV format and located in the “sounds” subdirectory of the SaveGamePro profile directory: %APPDATA%\SaveGamePro\ for Normal installation, directory where SaveGamePro installed for Portable.


    • Customizing the app’s color scheme without restarting application.
    • Customizing the app’s type of control, (the toolbar and its vertical or horizontal modes, or the menu) without restarting application.
    • Experimental per-monitor High DPI support. App should change look, after switching DPI or move on other monitor, with different DPI. Due missing testing environment (hardware with over FullHD resolution and 2-nd monitor as well, may contain bugs, feel free to report them).


    • Some dialogs aspect ratio now independent on monitor aspect ratio.
    • Multiple size and positioning issues on High DPI.
    • Some logic in database updater.
    • Other minor internal fixes.


    • Improvements in database updater.
    • Changed default error and success sounds for notifications.
    • Added database update menu item into taskbar menu.
    • Application icon and about dialog now use high resolution assets.
    • Updated some 3-rd party dependencies.


    • Updated translations.


    • Bundled with database version 1.0.9

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