SaveGamePro 1.2.5 (Next) Released


  • Added option to expand the save list tree to the appearance options dialog.


  • Added game name in addition to game ID in “backup” / “add to ignore” confirmation dialogs.
  • Added restore confirmation dialog to the backup information dialog.
  • Added related news button to update information panel.
  • Searching in the save list does not clear the checkboxes, this will allow you to search and check different games from now on.
  • Added an informational message for calculating the checksum of save files when clicking the “Watch” button.
  • Other minor internal enhancements.


  • The “Restore All” checkbox is now disabled if the backup list contains only one item in the backup information dialog.
  • Some check/uncheck behaviour in the save list if the “watch” radio button is selected.
  • Other minor internal fixes.


  • Updated translations.