SaveGamePro 1.1.0 Features of the Next Version

Several users have asked me if it’s possible to customize the app’s color scheme without restarting SaveGamePro application. It could really be helpful to see the result right away.

Well, You asked – I did it (for this I had to take out the remaining initialization functions, and do it after each apply of the visual appearance settings).
So the next version will apply the color scheme without restarting the app: what you see is what you get.

In addition to this, I made a change in the type of control, so that now switching between them (the toolbar and its vertical or horizontal modes, or the menu) is also done in real time and does not require restarting the program.

I also added the ability to generate a random color for “Accent Color” in the settings. And the ability to use a new random color for “Accent Color” every time the program is launched. This value does not overwrite saved color profiles and can be enabled or disabled at any time.

In the next post (and it will be very soon, do not miss it), I will tell my users about another new option for customizing the application, which I am sure many will like.